How do I brush my hair?

Brush every day from dry , take sections hold the roots firmly and gently start from the ends and work your way up towards the roots. Use after care conditioning spray to detangle . Make sure your bonds are separated at the roots . The use of serum is recommended.

How do I wash the hair exensions?

Never wash your extensions with the head over you would rather do so while you are showering with your head back, it will prevent tangling. Use downwards movements instead of circular ones, make sure you wash your scalp in between the bonds as it needs to be clean to hold your extensions . Just stroke

How do I dry and style my hair?

After rinsing the conditioner pat dry, apply serum on the ends , rough dry, then in sections start smooth blow drying with a round brush or paddle brush making sure the bristle don’t have bobbles that can catch . Always make sure that the bonds are dry and give them a cold blast to make

Which shampoo and conditioner should I use for my hair extensions?

Any Aftercare products that will benieft your hair/extensions will be recommended by your stylist during your Consultation/Fitting.

Why should I use a specific shampoo and conditioner when wearing hair extensions?

Some shampoos can weaken the bonds and allow excessive shedding. When wearing extensions it is advisable to use a salt free shampoo, with a low ph and deep cleansing. The conditioners for extensions will keep your hair softer for longer because they are designed for hair which is no longer attached to the scalp, and

How long will my hair extensions last for?

3 months for the single bonded ( microrings , nanorings , keratin pre bonded and fusion bonding ).   Some hair grows faster than others but when the bonds have one inch regrowth (2.5 cm) it’s time to remove and re-apply them closer to the scalp using the same hair or replacing with new hair. Every

Will people be able to notice if I am wearing extensions?

Your hair extensions will blend perfectly with your own hair, match your colour and texture. Trimming and shaping after each fitting is part of the service.

How long should my hair be to have hair extensions?

3 to 4 inches is the minimum length required (12 cm)

Should I leave a few days in between each set of extensions?

Some people prefer have them removed and re placed on the same day but it’s recommended to give your hair a rest from time to time. I always include a trim of the natural hair with every set of extensions as part of the service.

Can I re-use the same hair?

Only if you really trust the supplier or you have used it before. There is a big market out there and I would be careful when buying hair from just anywhere . I provide a vast choice in grade, colour and texture suitable for each individual style and pockets. Hair types